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Office Suite


Gimbal Health



Gimbal Health

Specific to the health industry, Gimbal Health provides a suite of products, to empower health Professionals.

HIPAA Compliant



FHIR Platform

Doctor's Referral Management

GP Referral solution


We are a wholesaler’s and reseller’s of major Telco providers in Australia and around the world to package for you a class of service.


Business plans


IP Phone System

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Internet/Private Data

Office Suite

Selected from the very best of software’s and technology to bring empower your productivity.

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Back as a service

Back-up Solution


Email solution



New to the portfolio > Gimbal Video Conference Solution

Video Conference Solution.

Gimbal Tech Video Conference Solution

Why Gimbal Video Conferencing Solution

Secured and private solution hosted in your server or our private servers.

Personalized Company Branding

We will build it to your company branding & logo.

Host up to 75 Participants

Hosting up to 75 team members in a single video conference session.

Share your screen

Any team member can be assigned a presenter.

Share video files

Share You Tube Video files for training.

Share Audio files.

Share podcast for the entire team.

Secured and safe

Your video and data is secured and not analyzed of sold to 3rd party. Secured and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) compliant.

Collaboration made easy

Work from anywhere and anytime without a time limit of charges.

Work from home made easy and even if you are on the road.

Smart Phone Devices

Never miss your team meetings.

Join anywhere and on any mobile device

Built for training

Distant learning is closer than you think

Weather you are running a home business or a company with a large team members, Gimbal Video Conference Solution is simple to use and collaborate.

Choose your plan

Video Conferencing solutions are custom build with your company branding, therefore fixed pricing is not yet available.


Per month


Per month


Per month

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Empowering you with the power of Technology

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Peace of mind
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Best of worlds
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Time to thrive

Future workforce

Now is the time to explore the possibilities and enhance your business roadmap.

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