Established in 2020

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Gimbal Tech is all about our focus on customer service. The experience we have in IT and Telecommunications gives us the ability to deliver reliable and consistent support service.


We have the ability to be flexible and move quickly in an “Agile” state.


Our teams are hand picked and don’t focus on time to get the job done but rather on the “Outcome”. This creates a true customer focus delivery model.

What drives us to excel is the satisfaction of a happy customer.


We invest in incubator programs, so that you can gain insight and business intelligence.

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“Trailblazer ” and the passion to get the job done with great pride in our craft.

Experienced IT professional’s with over 35 years experience with large corporate organizations such as Telstra Corp, Department of Health Queensland in Australia and world wide brands like Dancall Telecom, Alpine Technologies, Audiovox Corp to bring you the industries best tried and tested technologies.

We have decided take a new journey and lead the way in customer service making by making a real difference.

We tailor our products and services with modern technology to simplify our customer’s business process.

Gimbal Tech is a pivoting company started by Founder Director Desmond Rodgars and backed by some of the world’s leading IT Developers. 

 We have worked with some of the Industries leading partners and can easily integrate any solution.

Example: AWS, Microsoft, Google, Dell, NetApp, IBM, Cisco, Juniper, HP, McAfee, Intel, VMware, Open Stack, Apple/Android etc, etc……….


We look forward to working with you.

Desmond & Team


Our commitment to our customers and to get the job done right. We deliver our services well so you can focus on your business.


Through technology, we aim to bring a class of services that is truly “World Class”. We deliver services that leverages the latest tools and technologies to put you at the forefront of the market.


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