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Doctor's Referral Management

Referral management strategy enables you to optimize your business for better patient care. We create specialist templates in your Doctor’s Practice Management software’s like Best Practice, Medical Director, Genie, ZedMed etc, etc.

We build custom applications as well as provide secure data transfers.

Business efficiency

Decreasing wait times and improving workflow efficiency.

minimize your cost

Digitize your business and go paperless. Increase your presence and services.

Go Digital

Move your business with the times and keep wu with the current technologies.

automate repeating tasks

Automate repetitive task to reduce human errors and increase your productivity.

Choose your Referral solution

All Referral solution requires a consultation due to the custom requirements of each clients. Pricing is on application (P.O.A).


Referral Templates


Referral App's


Referral Integration


Gimbal Telemedicine platform

More than just a medical platform, we have developed this platform to make it easier for both medical professionals and their patients to treat and seek treatment.


-Appointment bookings.

-Billing & Payment.

-Patient Waiting Room.

-Encryption based secured Chatting.

-HIPAA Compliant.

-API Ready for integration to 3rd party systems.

-Reduce IT cost.

-Fully supported platform.



Fully managed services

Gimbal Telehealth is a secured and fully managed platform.

For Patient's

Easy access from your mobile or computer devices.


Platform that is ready to be used with a modern user experience.


  • Interactive Medicine- Consult with your doctor via Video/chat.
  • Access your record and where you go.
  • Saves money and time on test and other cost.

For Doctor's

Single platform to consult with your patients.


Leverage the power of AI technology to assist with patient treatment.

  • Complete Medical consulting platform.
  • Refer patient’s to other Medical specialist.
  • Get instant access to lab results and reports.
Integrate your system and applications.

An API platform for health data standards including Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®). Secure transfer, integrate and exchange of medical data across systems and applications.

Gimbal FHIR API is a private and secured Interoperability platform.

Design to integrate and transfer of your medical data across systems and applications. Healthcare data in the open standards of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), Gimbal FHIR platform is independently hosted, fully managed and has a 99.9% uptime SLA.

data sovereignty

Data sovereignty in Australia that protect's all data and stored securely.

System integration resources

Documentation is available upon request for full understanding.

Understand data

Data analysis for your data and increase insights.

integrated solution

Spend less for a all in one solution with pre-build Archetype templates.

FUlly managed platform

We fully manage the platform so you can concentrate on your data. We keep up with the latest security and compliance and sucure your data.

Secured and compliant

Designed for protected health information (PHI)including HIPAA.

Frequently asked questions

A Doctor’s referral management is when a GP sends a referral to a specialist for patient treatment or test. A specialist physician e.g Radiologist, Cardiologist, Neurologist etc, etc.. would be available to treat patients that are referred to, and provide treatment or test. We assist the specialist physician to receive and equip the business with a referral strategy that will provide them with the most latest technology and streamline services.

A referral application  may vary based on their features and functions. It starts as a standalone minimum viable product and can be enhanced to meet the business growth.

Gimbal Health product’s provide medical physician’s with a fully managed, self-serve and easy to use solution without the complexity of high IT cost. Small to medium practices will be able to leverage product’s and services that are used in large corporate businesses.

Gimbal Health product’s are designed to be easily integrated with clients existing IT applications and systems. We will be able to provide a full detailed proposal.

Gimbal Health Products are designed to suite your requirements and features.. Contact Us